YouTube videos and Investors

How to Attract Attention to your Business and Find New Partners and Investors with YouTube videos?

YouTube is a strong social media platform having over two billion users. Every year, at least 50% of them watch videos from there. When you think about the numbers, it presents a massive opportunity for marketers and small business owners to target their audience.

Due to the platform’s nature (only videos), coming up with content could be challenging initially. Even at that, you don’t need Hollywood experience to make clips that can guarantee revenue for your business. In this article, you’ll learn how to use YouTube ads to grow your online presence.

The average person today spends over six hours every day ingesting various video contents. It’s more than evident that we need some part of these hours for adverts. As a result, we are seeing lots of brands trying their best to understand marketing on YouTube. Therefore, if you intend to stand out, you must use the promotional tactics explained above or try professional help on specialized websites like There you can buy YouTube views and see how your online presence and engagement are boosting right on your eyes. Don’t hesitate to get the best – you definitely deserve it! 

Types of YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are of two kinds: non-skippable and skippable adverts.

  1. Non-skippable ads
    These types of ads last 15 to 20 seconds. They are created before rolling ad campaigns, so ads come before video content. Although this type is are frequently, its opt-out rate is usually higher. Besides, these videos may not appeal to people due to their aggressive nature. But if the ads are useful and well-targeted, there shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Skippable ads
    They are also called True View ads that aren’t forcing people to watch them. They are shown in two ways: ‘In-display’ and ‘In-stream.’ For this type, YouTube has no restrictions on its length. However, they give suggestions — especially for the In-stream ads:
  • The video shouldn’t exceed 3 minutes. A large percentage (51%) of these ads typically run for 15-30 seconds.
  • On the other hand, YouTube does not give a required length for In-display ads. In most cases, the ads redirect people to other videos. So, in the end, people can continue from where they stopped clicking the link. This type works best for ads that are linked to long videos with exciting content.

Your website must be configured to contain the traffic that your YouTube ad will generate. Such sites should be friendly to different people and carry the necessary information. They must tell your audience exactly what they need to do on the site. If you’re using a landing page, make sure it contains the same information as your YouTube video ad. This way, your page will be fully optimized, and your visitors won’t get confused.

Interestingly, you can use In-stream ads to increase your subscribers on YouTube. But first, you must be clear on what your target audience looks like. A perfect understanding of your perfect fans will help you fill the options correctly when creating your Ads.

Optimizing your Campaigns

Like any other campaign on social media, you need to monitor your ads on YouTube with time.

For skippable ads, you should take note of your view rate. If it’s low, it could mean any of the following:

  • The description doesn’t attract users to click.
  • The thumbnail image on the video is terrible.
  • Your headline isn’t catchy enough.
  • If the rate was once high, probably people don’t want to see it anymore.

Understanding these things right can be challenging. And so, you need to run lots of tests to find out what exactly you need to be doing correctly. You would have to create different versions of the ad, changing its images, descriptions, and many more. As you make all the changes one at a time, you’ll find out which combination gives the best results.

You might want to make some changes to the first few minutes of your video too. The thing is, the first few seconds must be catchy enough so people follow through to your page.

For the non-skippable ad types, you should focus more on the Click Through Rate (CTR). With its help, you can tell if the right people see your ads. If your viewers don’t understand what the ads are about, they will most likely not click your link.

The most important metric of all is the earnings per view or earnings per click. You can call it your return on investment, so the picture becomes more evident. The way it works is simple. If you’re earning more than you paid to have the video on YouTube, your ads are doing well. If things are the other way round, then something is wrong with your ads campaign.