Dear Inclusive Business Accelerator community,

In 2013 BoP Innovation Center, SNV, VC4Africa, Nijenrode University came together to form the Inclusive Business Accelerator. With support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the objective was to promote the inclusive business agenda and to spotlight businesses developing inclusive business models across growth markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Independent entity

In a shared effort to secure long term sustainability for these efforts, the partner organizations agreed to form an independent foundation, that was initiated in 2017. Many partnerships and client relationships were successfully developed by the IBA Foundation, but it also became clear more time and resources are needed for the organization to develop at a scale that would enable it to sustain itself as an independent entity. The IBA Foundation has not found new partners willing to invest in scaling up this infrastructure.


There is no other choice than to dissolve the foundation and to have the current partners carry the IBA mission forward once again.

BoP Innovation Center will continue to provide (training on) both the Inclusive Business as well as Inclusive Innovation advisory toolkits, to develop new online bootcamp content and training methodologies for advisors and ventures, both tailor-made upon request, as well as integrated in broader programs.

VC4A will incorporate the IBA network, will continue running programs, and host online bootcamps on its platform. Both organizations continue to seek out collaborations and partnerships that push the inclusive business agenda forward.

SNV, and in particular SNV Vietnam, will continue in carrying forward the IBA mission locally.


Toolkits & Trainings

If you are interested in the IBA toolkits, bootcamp content and training methodologies for advisors and ventures, please contact Niek van Dijk at the BoP Innovation Center.

Campaigns & Learning

If you are interested to host and promote online competitions aimed at entrepreneurs and/or online learning courses, please contact Bertil van Vugt at VC4A.

Entrepreneur, mentor or investor?

If you are interested in staying connected to the IBA network, please join the platform or You can register as an entrepreneur and create a new venture profile on the VC4A platform. To do this, follow this link. You can also join as a mentor or investor on the network and take advantage of the online learning materials, fundraising tools and many program opportunities VC4A offers.

Thank you!

We would like to thank you all for taking part in the Inclusive Business Accelerator. We are confident that this transition will ensure that you keep receiving the right support to grow your inclusive business or run your inclusive business program.

Kind regards,

The IBA team
April 2022