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BAG Innovation

January 4, 2018 inby Gabriel Ekman

We gather multidisciplinary groups of students and let them work with an aim of creating sustainable solutions for their communities and future employers. We combine effective “Talent Placement” (Recruitment) with social impact. The students are coached in the BAG Innovation model and the challenges are provided from the private-, civil and public sector and aims to generate value for both the student and participating organizations. BAG Innovation has created a repeatable process employing unique and creative techniques which delivers guaranteed results — usually results that exceed initial expectations. Therefore it is an attractive, dynamic and important methodology for businesses to embrace today.

Green Farm Solutions (GFS)

December 29, 2017 inby Green Farm Solutions

Crop protection products, commonly called pesticides, play a pivotal role in controlling pests, diseases and weeds that infect, consume or damage crops. As a result, pesticides boost yields, increase incomes, reduce strenuous hand weeding (particularly for women) and improve standard of life for the smallholder farmers. However, ineffective and irresponsible pesticide use is one of the key challenges of the smallholders, which account for more than 90% of agriculture in Ethiopia.

GFS has developed an innovative inclusive business model that uberizes professional spray service provision. Pesticides are to be applied by Spray Service Providers (SSPs) who are trained and certified by GFS in cooperation with CropLife. GFS becomes aggregator of these SSPs together with their own motorbikes or pick-up trucks and connects SSPs with the smallholders through its platform. Besides, GFS supports SSPs with improved spray equipment. Putting together the right knowledge and technology, GFS provides accessible, affordable, effective and, last but not least, responsible pesticide application for the smallholders.

SAGE Uganda

December 23, 2017 inby sage uganda

SAGE Uganda promotes production of chia seeds with farmers across Uganda through contract farming. It buys chia from farmers at farm-gate price, processes and sells both on the domestic and global markets. Huge markets have been established in Europe, Asia and African market with current annual production of 20,000 MT
In its efforts to contribute towards climate change as enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals, SAGE Uganda undertakes the promotion of the use of environment friendly cookstoves to reduce the rates of use of bio-fuels, health and overall efficiency. It also create awareness on mitigating climate change effects through tree planting and catchment areas preservation.
In addressing the national unemployment challenge and its associated impacts on society, SAGE Uganda undertakes practical youth entrepreneurship program using chia seed as capital. We are currently working with schools and tertiary institutions and with youth who are out of school as beneficiaries


December 21, 2017 inby John Kitonyo

NIOJI helps you create multi-use virtual or physical prepaid cards conveniently and on the fly while providing ability to set the transaction limits, spending budget, authorised vendors, activate/deactivate the card thus providing a third level of security for your money.
NIOJI can be used to generate employee, beneficiary, travel, family, gift and insurance claim cards ensuring that funds are used for the intended purposes and within the limits.


December 19, 2017 inby Chloe Koburunga

Geossy produces table-fish tilapia for sale to local and regional markets as well as fish feeds and fingerlings for own consumption and sale to local fish farms. The company currently owns an 1MT/day feed mill, leased 16-acre hatchery and a 50-year commercial fish license to farm in Lake Victoria, Majanji District. Geossy also trains farmers on how to set up sustainable fish farms by supervising cage construction & acting as a resource for quality inputs. The company has trained ~1,650 farmers to-date. Geossy currently employs 19 permanent and 5 casual staff and supplies fish to a network of 135 local fish vendors mainly comprising youth and women. The company has a commited management team with extensive local experience working in aquaculture.

Mama Rice

December 14, 2017 inby Chloe Koburunga

Mama Rice started operations in 2016 as a spin-off from the Hope Development Initiative (HDI) cooperative for women rice growers in Amolatar district in Northern Uganda. The company has a working relationship with 10,000+ farmers and directly supports 2,200 farmers to produce rice which is purchased for resale.

Mama Rice works to empower smallholder women farmers in Northern Uganda to earn income and achieve financial independence through rice production. To achieve impact, the company focuses on: providing a ready market for farmers’ produce and providing famers with production inputs and agronomy services to increase rice yields & acreage.

Mama Rice has developed strong relationships with women farmers and is well positioned to provide the support needed to increase production and sale of milled rice to entire Northern region of Uganda. Mama Rice currently owns the only rice mill in Amolatar presenting an opportunity to offer regional milling services to farmers and traders.

SPOUTS of Water

December 13, 2017 inby Daniel Yin

SPOUTS of Water (SPOUTS) is a social venture that manufactures and distributes the Purifaaya water filters – affordable and effective ceramic water filters – to improve the access to clean drinking water sustainably in Uganda. In a market where nearly 40 million people either do not treat or boil water to drink, SPOUTS combines innovation in both product and distribution to provide a much needed clean water solution. SPOUTS has researched and manufactured ceramic water filters in Uganda since 2012, receiving accreditation on the efficacy of the Purifaaya water filters from Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment in 2015. Since the first sales in 2015, SPOUTS has distributed more than 18,000 Purifaayas and impacted the lives of more than 100,000 individuals to date. By continuing our business growth and expanding our reach in the market, we aim to reach 500,000 individuals by 2020 as the leading provider of clean water solutions in Uganda and East Africa.

The Map online

December 1, 2017 inby TheMap Online

TheMap is a blend of Google, Facebook and whatsApp put together to form a powerful e-directory, that put everything at your fingertips.
TheMap makes every location available and interactive on whatsApp with pinpoint on Google
This means that users can download our app or visit our website, you can visit any part of the world and interact with locations, malls, shops, marketplaces, events Center, restaurant, you name it, all on whatsApp at the touch of a button unlike in Google Maps, this is our selling point.
We did what Google could not do.
#TheMap is a one stop home to find anywhere, anything and anyone.
Google Maps to help you find anywhere, anything, and anyone and navigate to them with voice command from any device.
Google Analytics for real time rating
of traffic in any location.
WhatsApp to help you interact with anywhere, anyone, using LIVE video, TOLL free calls, LIVE chat, media files sharing etc.


November 29, 2017 inby Sophie Lu-Axelsson

The QuizRR training solutions are based on internationally recognized guidelines on sustainable development and corporate responsibility, enabling businesses to step up from mere compliance to become role models and drivers of change.

Training with QuizRR is essentially about risk management and capacity building on human rights – enabling people to improve their lives. Beyond audit.

Emerging Cooking Solutions

November 28, 2017 inby Per Löfberg

We are pioneering the use of pelletized renewable biomass-residues for use as cooking fuel, and address energy poverty in a number of ways. We sell “Home Energy Systems”, where cleanburning stove, powered by pellets, together with Solar Home Systems lower the energy costs for our customers by 50%.