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March 4, 2018 inby Kolade Oshadare

Dynamic Equity Alliance Limited is a Social Enterprise that empowers rural&urban women, with capacity building, encourage them to save money to reduce financial exclusion and also provides Behaviour Structured Loans to help break challenges in accessing finance so they can start or sustain their businesses.

Spring Agric Limited

February 22, 2018 inby Ekow Edusah

Spring Agric Limited is a startup agribusiness registered in February 2015  as a Limited Liability Company. We have a layer farm at Dawhenya in the Ningo Prampram District of the Greater Accra Region.

Eggs are an essential protein source for Ghanaian households due to its nutritional value and affordability  among others. According to the Ghana Heart Foundation, Ghana’s annual per capita egg consumption is estimated at between 18 and 24 compared to Mexico (321), USA (255), France (248), Portugal (186) and India (40). There exists huge potential for market growth as urbanisation, rising incomes and changing tastes have led to an increase in egg consumption.

With a growing urban citizenry and the increasing conversion of agricultural land into residential use, agribusinesses located close to these cities are advantaged by their ability to deliver their products to markets quickly and in pristine condition (especially in the case of eggs due to its fragility), devoid of the challenges that arise from long distance transportation of such goods.

There are exciting opportunities for dynamic and innovative agribusinesses to take advantage of the poultry and egg production shortfalls as there is a niche market among health and taste savvy consumers who want to be fed with fresh, tasty and healthy locally grown produce.

Bloomfields Limited

February 16, 2018 inby Nana Indome

Bloomfields Ltd. is a start-up agro-processing company located in Jukwa in the Central Region of Ghana. Bloomfields Ltd. intends to catch the interest of a regular, loyal customer base with a broad variety of food products ranging from Gari, High Quality Cassava Chips, and High Quality Cassava Flour.
We intend to take advantage of the high post harvest losses of cassava in our operational area to deliver quality cassava products at highly competitive prices. in so doing we aim to increase the utilization and marketing of abundant cassava tubers to increase incomes of residents and improve their livelihoods.

Clay Workers Unite

February 13, 2018 inby Anthony Reid Harvey

Established ceramic techniques of mass production are used to form the special insulating bricks of rocket stoves, arguably among the most environmentally responsible design. Check out the link (with sub links):
Nearly all of the SDGs are squarely addressed in this initiative, and to name a few: 1) The respiratory illnesses common to the women and girls who do the cooking will be arrested. 2) There will no longer be a need to cut trees for production of charcoal, an environmentally disastrous practice.

Aqeel Traders Ltd

February 13, 2018 inby Mohamed Khaki

We are sawmillers of hardwood timber with our head office based in Dar es Salaam and our sawmill based in in Lindi town, South Tanzania. We produce rough sawn hardwood timbers mainly for export market. The machineries are about 10 years old and need to be upgraded, with addition of other woodworking machineries in order to start producing finished furniture, the local demand of which has surged up during recent years.

Kidame Mart PLC

January 26, 2018 inby Henock Gezahegn

Kidame Mart is a for-profit Social Enterprise that provide a platform for and creates access to (1)Health, Nutrition, WASH, Energy, ICT and Rural Financial products & Services to the BOP; (2) IEC and SBCC to the BOP on the above products and Services; (3) Micro Franchising opportunity to Young Women Micro Entrepreneurs (Young WoMEn); (4) Real-Time Market and Commodity Information from 2500 Marketplaces using State-of-the art ICT technologies

Endiro Coffee

January 25, 2018 inby Gloria Katusiime

Founded in 2011, Endiro Coffee is a tree to cup coffee company primarily engaging the marketplace via cafe/restaurant locations which serve high-end specialty coffee drinks, fresh juices and smoothies, house baked pastries, and modern fare meals. Endiro cafes provide table service, to-go ordering, and event catering. Currently have 6 coffee shops located in Uganda and the USA.

Endiro sources its coffee from trained outgrowers located in Bududa and Manafwa districts in Eastern Uganda, majority of whom are women.

SANAS poultry

January 25, 2018 inby Senait Tesfaye

Sanas Poultry is a farm focused on both egg and meat production that provides for a large market range. It also produces manure as a by-product. It is based in Hawassa City. The founders have noticed the health implication of red meat and are creating a business to meet the increased demand for white meat and eggs. Chickens happen to be a great source of white meat and are also largely known for egg production. The five women who came together to start this business are Senait Tesfaye, Abebe Wesen, Nigist Tesfaye, Asnakech Tesfaye, and Seblewongel Tesfaye.

We are determined to help ourselves and create an employment for the community surrounding us with your assistance.

Conservation and Development

January 24, 2018 inby Eseza Musoki

CODE issues non secured loans to rural communities particularly women in Western Uganda. CODE acquired a money lending license in 2015 and has worked with 35 locally registered VSLA groups in Kasese district. The business has disbursed loans worth ~$140,000 and has been able to facilitate ~$35,000 worth in savings. The business currently has a relationship with ~1,050 farmers to whom it provides energy (solar products) and agricultural input loans.

CODE is providing unique solar and agricultural inputs that enhance productivity of small holder farmers to increase income generation and improve livelihoods. The products also enable women to have more time to engage in production and make them more self sustainable.

Pamoja Cleantech Ab

January 17, 2018 inby Pamoja Cleantech

Pamoja Cleantech AB, a Swedish for-profit social enterprise founded in 2010, provides sustainable renewable energy and smart monitoring solutions for Emerging markets. Pamoja develops and implements innovative business models for decentralized renewable energy and productive use of energy. The company has extensive experience in biomass and solar energy systems. Pamoja provides its own Smart Grid solution called LuminGo adapted to the needs of electricity companies in emerging markets.