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Application form


Before you start an application, please take the time to understand what we are looking for in our investments by reading carefully our Application Guidelines. The fund’s review process is highly selective and rigorous, and only those that comply with our minimum eligibility criteria are invited to submit full proposals. Keep in mind that in the process of filling in the application form, you can save the information and continue at a later time.
* Low income people (LIP): those living in urban or rural areas on USD 8 or less per day per capita; equivalent to USD2,920 per capita per year.

** Sectors: Agriculture and food, energy, WASH or ICT. Countries: Cambodia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia.

*** According to EU regulations, a company in the EU may receive a maximum of €200,000 in public funding from European authorities during a three year period. Sida as the donor of IAP also applies the same rule also to companies which are not based in the EU.

About your company

General data

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Financial and staff information

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  2014 2015 2016 (if available)
Describe the following: History of the company, relation to any mother or sister organizations, mission, vision and future strategy, sector active in, products and/or services, ….

Responsible Business

1 is lowest, 4 is highest

The information provided will be verified by the IAP team at a later stage of the selection process. This information will be used to assess the potential for improvement.

Business idea and the required financing

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Inclusive Business Idea

Social & Environmental Impact

The expected benefits and results from IAP are related to good financial performance of the companies and social return regarding jobs created, income increase and access to basic goods & services by the low income beneficiaries, including women. Moreover, any environmental impact by the company’s activities is mitigated. The following questions are related to the social and environmental impact of the proposed project:

The above-mentioned impact rationale should be reflected in quantitative terms in the following table (For low income people (<8 USD per day))

  Total (by project end)

Project budget and financing required

Please specify how much each implementing partner will contribute (if the project will be implemented by multiple partners).

Amounts in EUR.
N.B. The company co-investment should be at least 51% of the total project investment size, other sources funding will be added to the company contribution. The IAP funding cannot exceed €200 000.
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