Comparison of inclusive business data and results

Caroline Ashley
By on December 18, 2014

I recently had a fascinating week comparing data and results across three inclusive business portfolios: the Business Innovation Facility pilot (2010-2013), Innovations Against Poverty pilot (2011-2013) and Business Call to Action (5 years old and on going). The data is based on years of rich engagement with 3 contrasting portfolios, each with an exciting - but different - array of innovative businesses.

IAP grantees were mainly start-ups trying to secure the right business model and start generating revenue; BIF-supported businesses were piloting and operationalising their models, seeking to boost cash-flow and approach profit; BCtA members are more established, with half already cash-flow positive.

In composite, this gives us a set of around 160 companies, which has no claim to be representative of the world of inclusive business, but has every value in adding to the meagre evidence base on what inclusive business is actually delivering. So from this diverse array of 3 portfolios, our latest Spotlight draws on data to explore:

- what annual revenues are typically being reached?

- what level of reach to people at the Base of the Pyramid are the businesses achieving?

- what trends and contracts emerge?

This Spotlight draws on evidence from three portfolios, that have in total supported 160 companies, to share information on what patterns
emerge from a combined data set. The three portfolios have all supported inclusive businesses, though at different stages and with some different priorities by instrument, company type, sector and geography.

Download the Spotlight: Is Inclusive Business showing results?

This article was first published by the Practitioner Hub. This blog is part of a Hub mini-series called ‘Looking back…looking forward: Progress in Inclusive Business’ in which key stakeholders look at how far inclusive business has come and where it is heading. Access the complete series of blogs and interviews here.