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Are you investing in inclusive businesses? As a registered investor you can see which ventures are fundraising on the Inclusive Business Accelerator platform and have access to a number of features:

» Unlimited access to fundraising ventures
» Ability to review a QuickScan and private documents uploaded by fundraising entrepreneurs
» A private deal room where you can directly connect to entrepreneurs
» Accessible on-the-go from any device
» Secured with 256-bit AES encryption


What kind of ventures will you find on the Inclusive Business Accelerator?


Ventures listed as ‘fundraising’ are screened for completed documents by the team at the IBAccelerator. Most of them are at the phase where they want to initiate and scale their business and require investments between USD $50K and USD $5 million. The primary sectors (but not limited to) we focus on are:

– Agriculture and food
– Water, sanitation and hygiene
– Sustainable energy


The registered ventures meet criteria for being labeled as an ‘inclusive business’


An ‘inclusive business’ is a business initiative that incorporates into the company’s core processes low-income population, generating a win-win situation for both the company and low-income communities. It creates growth, productivity, profits and new opportunities for the company, at the same time generating income and wealth for the low-income population.

Low-income population typically fulfill one or more of four important roles:
– Producers: new sources of supply
– Employees: new qualified and competitive labor force
– Entrepreneurs: new distribution networks
– Consumers: new markets for affordable goods and services


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