Venture Guidelines

 These guidelines explain the Inclusive Business Accelerator’s focus


Most ventures on our platform are at a stage that thy want to scale and therefore require investments between USD $50K and USD $5 million. Ventures that do not comply with these guidelines will not be published. Thanks for reading!


1. For business ventures only


A venture registered on the Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) platform is an inclusive business: An Inclusive Business is a business initiative that incorporates into the company’s core processes low-income groups, generating a win-win relationship. We are looking for ventures that are scalable and offer innovative solutions.


2. Ventures should preferably fit IBA’s sectors


We currently actively support ventures that focus on the sectors of

– Agriculture and food
– Water, sanitation and hygiene
– Sustainable energy

Note: This does not mean that you cannot sign up when you are not active in the above-mentioned sectors.


3. Prohibited uses:


No charity or cause funding. Examples of prohibited use include raising money to fund an awareness campaign, funding a scholarship, or promoting the donation of funds raised, or future profits, to a charity, non-profit organization, foundation or cause.

No “fund my life” of lifestyle type ventures. Examples include projects to pay tuition or bills, go on vacation, or buy personal items.

Prohibited content. There are some things we just don’t publish on the IBA platform. As a team we work to process these applications as fast as possible. That said, it remains an editorial process and not every venture fits our criteria.

Community Guidelines


We rely on respectful interactions between our members to ensure that the IBA community remains healthy. Please follow the rules below.

Promote your venture but don’t spam. Spam includes sending unsolicited @ messages (“at” replies or public mentions) to people on the IBA. Groups are designed to foster discussions and conversations. Please don’t spam groups with links to your venture or other pages. Your venture profile is the place to post updates.

• Don’t promote your venture on other ventures’ pages. Your comments will be deleted and your account may be suspended.

• Be courteous and respectful. Don’t harass or abuse other members.

• Don’t post obscene, hateful, or objectionable content. If you do we will remove it and suspend you.

• Don’t post copyrighted content without permission. Only post content that you have the rights to.

• Actions that violate these rules or our Terms of Use may lead to an account being suspended or deleted. We’d prefer not to do that.

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