About Me

I am a qualified food scientist and processor with a great love and passion for food value addition.
As an entrepreneur I started off a community based organization in a small village in the eastern part of Uganda, Teso sub-region called Teso Value Addition center with a mission to train and equip the rural with life changing skills, which will include good agricultural practices, post-harvest handling and value addition. As part of my journey to achieve my vision I have come up with several value added products mainly targeting the already existing raw materials in the rural villages as a means of empowering and creating a source of income to the rural
I have several challenges I face which will in include technical and financial support, but due to the love and passion for what I am doing I still stand strong and know I will make it, it’s a matter of time and commitment  

I am an


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Teso Value Addition Center (TEVAC-Uganda)  


kampala, Uganda

  • Product Development
Sector Focus
  • Food and nutrition