About Me

Agribiz Concepts Enterprises (ACE) is a Social Enterprise that provides world class business development and advisory services to a range of audiences including Government, Corporations, Financial Institutions and individuals. Our passion is to provide environmentally friendly solutions that are technology driven towards financial and economic sustainability for clients.

Founded in 2010 but officially incorporated in 2015 after years of testing the waters, our core interest is in private sector development and economic growth programming through the development of MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) and SGBs. We are also passionate about improving incomes and livelihoods for BoP clients. This we do by promoting sustainable agricultural market systems with high potentials of achieving a triple bottom line for all stakeholders through private sector development, and inclusive market systems development, thus ensuring robust and competitive market systems.  

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Agribiz Concepts Enterprises  




Port Harcourt, Nigeria