About Me

Development Economist and Intrapreneur with a track record in leading innovation and producing creative and effective solutions to development challenges, including in some exceptionally complex institutional circumstances.

Unique combination of country analysis, strategy, operational and advisory experience, applied in 26 developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe

Strong communicator, with a track record in forging partnership, mobilizing resources, and getting the most out of teams and individuals

Founder and first coordinator of Souk Attanmia, the largest mobilization of partners to support social entrepreneurship in post-revolution Tunisia. Currently advising the African Development Bank on strategy, providing strategic leadership and operational strategy and policy guidance to staff working, as lending to the region increased to more than $10 billion annually

Also advising the Bank on innovation, including the spearheading of Boost Africa, a blended finance vehicle and a partnership supporting a new generation of early stage business ventures in Africa, and INNOPitch an internal innovation platform which has crowd sourced over 100 new solutions to improve the Bank's delivery.

Angel investor in various start-ups and guest lecturer on development finance in various European Universities and Business Schools