About Me

My background was 10 years in process control and automation in the manufacturing and water industry in UK.

Following a career "adjustment" and an MSc. in Water Engineering I've been working in Ethiopia in the WASH sector for 10 years. My main consultancy areas are Biosand, Household Water Treatment, Innovation, Human Centric Design.

I'm the co-founder of Desert Rose Consultancy which I've been running and serving in since 2008 in Ethiopia.

Working in Ethiopia has enabled me to understand business in Ethiopia, the market, competitors products and their weaknesses as well as build up a network in government, NGO and private sector which is valuable

Core skills are innovating in constrained / resource-poor environments. Raised in East Africa, I speak Somali, Swahili and reasonable Amharic.  

I am an


Job Title

Co-owner / Lead WASH consultant  


Desert Rose Consultancy PLC  


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Product Development
Sector Focus
  • Water and sanitation
  • Engineering and IT