About Me

My name is Daniel Halalla. I am from Ethiopia. Currently, I live in Copenhagen. I founded IMPACT ROASTERS, with the focus on economic, social and environmental impact in Ethiopia. Our aim is to change coffee farmers lives while delivering unique Ethiopian coffee to the Scandinavian market while making ensuring social and environmental sustainability is a central part of our business model. We created a trade model called Impact Trade, where we connect small scale farmers with final consumers. We invest with the farmers in quality control and economic sustainability. This model enables the producers and consumers to have personal relation. I am a coffee roast-master and have MSC in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. Currently, I live in Copenhagen with my family. We own a coffee shop and roaster in Copenhagen, where we roast our coffee and connect our farmers and producers through our supply channel.  

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Job Title

Founder, CEO and Roast-master  




Valby Langgade, Valby, Denmark