About Me

I was born in the Kenyan highlands in the late 70’s. My early childhood involved a lot of play within the vast tea plantations that surrounded our home. I was fortunate to attend high school in one of Kenya’s leading institutions known as Alliance High School.

After high school I left for Australia to study Information Technology. 5 years later with degrees in IT and Accounting I started working in Perth Australia. After 7 years of professional employment, I started my own IT support business in Perth.

Running my own business made me realize the huge potential that was waiting to be exploited in the African tech sector.

In my March 2014 after several years of planning and research, I came back home to Kenya to co-start Dukalako Limited which is an online market platform targeted at the 41 Million Kenyans who do not live in Nairobi.

Our aim is to improve the lives of small businesses and individuals by expanding their market to the millions online.  

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Dukalako Limited  


Nairobi, Kenya

  • Market research and customer insights
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  • Engineering and IT