About Me

I studied journalism (Ba) and Political Science (Ma) and gained content and technical experience while working in the African startup and media space since 2006 in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and other countries across the continent.

I've combined my two interests by working at media production company Africa Interactive from 2006 to 2014. In 2012 - 2014 I lived in Nairobi, Kenya, where I have successfully set up a subsidiary branch in one of Africa's most important hubs.

In July 2014 I joined VC4Africa. I've been always passionate about supporting starting entrepreneurs in Africa to realize social impact in countries with enormous unemployment rates among their young populations.

I'm responsible for business development at VC4Africa, working with partners to improve the services on the VC4A.com platform. Previously I managed the 3-year Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) programme on the side of VC4A. More info > visit: https://services.vc4a.com