About Me

With a mixed background in the private sector and international organizations, I am an expert in international relations on the one hand and international business and projects on the other; with proven experience and knowledge about the different agents that constitute the international community and from the point of view of business, expertise in corporate affairs and international development of organizations, strategic project management, business and human rights, sustainability governance and relations with stakeholders (private and public), NGOs, corporate social responsibility and management of international leadership. With active participation in projects of international and multilateral cooperation for over 8 years. Also, I have experience and knowledge of different countries and markets with strong intercultural operational skills.
Highly developed skills in public speaking, effective communication, strategic and analytical thinking, teamwork and leadership.
Passionate about international and multicultural projects, as well as a lover of entrepreneurship, women and regional and international public policies on diversity.

-International Relations
-Corporate Social Responsibility
-Business and Human Rights
-Policy Research
-Diversity and inclusion
-Intercultural business
-Globalization of business
-Multilateral Organizations
-International Business Development
-Project Management
-Business Strategy
-Social and Economic Development and

Continously learning, with insatiable curiosity,

Now, doing awesome things at ATREVIA.