Bootcamp on Inclusive Business Model Design: From idea to impact

Want your business to improve the livelihoods of low-income groups?
Learn to re-design your business model!


Welcome to Business model design: From idea to impact
Business model innovation refers to the process of mapping and iterating how you create, deliver and capture value. Including low-income or marginalised groups into value chains as customers, suppliers, employees or entrepreneurs, unlocks new opportunities for both entrepreneurs and base of the pyramid clients. This course is an exciting opportunity to learn key concepts, approaches, and tools for designing a profitable, inclusive and impactful business model.

Target groups
This educational programme is positioned as a practical introduction on Inclusive Business Model Design. There are three main target groups:

  • Entrepreneurs who would like to create business solutions for development challenges, or who would like to review and improve on their existing solution;
  • Staff of intermediary organisations working with local entrepreneurs, such as NGO’s or investors;
  • Students in business-related fields who would like to learn about the specifics of Inclusive Business Models

Topics to cover
The programme will cover the following topics:

  • What is an inclusive business model?
  • What are the specific characteristics of the target group?
  • Identifying your value creation promise and value creation network
  • Overcoming challenges at the interface with your target group
  • Finding the right revenue model for your business
  • Developing your scaling strategy

Learning environment
These topics will be addressed in 4 interrelated modules that you can follow at your own convenience over a 4-week period.
Each module consists of videos, background reading material and an assignment. On the module level there is room to interact with other course participants. Experts are also active on the forum and will provide feedback on assignments.

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