Agri-Financing Uganda

Agri Financing is a programme aimed at stimulating the financing of the Food & Agriculture Sectors in Emerging Markets.

The Programme addresses challenges on both demand and supply sides of finance to the Agriculture sector. On the demand side, it helps major finance suppliers including commercial banks, MFIs and SACCOs to build world-class agriculture finance business lines. On the supply side, the programme activities take place in the field, working intensely with farmer organizations (cooperatives and producer associations) and Agri-SME companies to transform them into inclusive, commercially viable and investable ventures.

AgriFinancing Uganda practices a common sense, market-led approach that is rooted firmly in sustainable principles. We work closely with lenders to help them understand and manage the risks of agriculture and consequently, to provide them with the right tools to assess the risks of financing agri-businesses.
At the same time, we work closely with Farmers, their producer organizations, cooperatives and SACCOs to help them overcome the lack of business acumen that is still evident in large parts of the agriculture sector and build profitable agri-businesses that attract lenders and investors.

The program has a three-tier pillar approach to bridging the gaps that exist in financing the Agribusiness sector:
• Tier one involves training sessions focused on building the capacity of both the finance institutions (lenders) and producer organisations (farmers).
• Tier two involves developing and deploying, agri-finance and agri-business e-tools that assist in accelerating and managing the financing processes.
• The final tier involves bringing together lenders, farmers and other stakeholders (e.g relevant government ministry and government departments), to a multi-stakeholder platform that promotes best practices, and policy dialogue in the sector and creates varied resources, sharing information and creating new agri-finance products and tools.

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