The 2SCALE project is one of the largest agribusiness incubators in Africa, working with farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs in 8 countries. These countries are Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Benin, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Uganda and Kenya.

2SCALE approach
We build networks that connect farmers, buyers and intermediaries, enabling them to create and grow new businesses. We build local agribusiness capacity by providing technical assistance and brokering partnerships with financial institutions and business support services. We also work with (international) private firms, helping them find business opportunities for sourcing products from, or selling agro-inputs to, smallholder farmers in Africa.

These private firms, mostly local African agribusiness SMEs, are steadily growing based in the increased demand for locally produced food in these 8 countries. To facilitate their growth in food processing, agri-input provision, or other key agribusiness activities, these SMEs are actively looking for investments to expand their business activities.

See an overview of companies we support below. Click on the logo to visit their IB Accelerator venture profile.

Visit the 2SCALE website for more information: http://2scale.org/