IBA in 2017: Reflecting and looking forward

Saskia Rotshuizen
By on December 15, 2017

It is December 2017 and another year has gone by – so, what did we achieve at IBA in 2017? Read on to get a snapshot of our achievements and a peak into what we are planning for 2018.


What did we achieve in 2017?

  • We passed the 9000 members mark – That represents a 76% increase in the number of registered users since 2016.


  • IBA now has 528 inclusive business ventures registered on iba.ventures, present in 44 countries. That represents a 98% increase in the number of registered ventures since 2016.


  • We grew our number of bootcamp participants by +89% in the last year.


  • We attracted over 1500 applications in our various application centers for accelerator programs.


  • IBA and its partners trained 140 IB advisors in 2017, in 6 new countries.


  • IBA now has 216 trained local advisors registered on iba.ventures, present in 18 countries. That represents a 70% increase in the number of registered IBA advisors since 2016.


  • From 2016 to 2017, IBA has increased its online presence in emerging markets and increased the number of online sessions overall – for the first time most of IBA’s sessions came from an African country.


  •  We co-facilitated a practitioner dialogue with BDS providers active in Ghana during the SEED West Africa Symposium in August.


  • We enabled online conversations in the run-up to and during the ii2030 event  in October and took part in in the ii2030 workshops to find solutions for the future.


  • We presented how a global online community could support ventures to scale at the annual Inclusive Business Forum in Gothenburg


What are we planning for 2018?

  • Develop an understanding of our community: As we reach a critical number of members, IBA plans to identify the different sub-groups within the community to enable further tailoring of services.


  • Facilitate further online interactions: We plan to increase opportunities for IB practitioners to learn from each other and find potential partners.


  • Develop our investor matchmaking capacity: We plan to design an on-going online bootcamp on becoming ‘investment-ready’  and initiate offline matchmaking events.

In 2018 we will also continue offering trainings of advisors, hosting accelerator programs and will be present at key events.

Program managers, entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, partners – We look forward to another successful year with you!


Interested in partnering with IBA in 2018? Email Saskia Rotshuizen at saskia@iba.ventures