2SCALE Event 2017: how to make inclusive agribusiness work in Africa

By on December 1, 2017

Understand how to build a partnership around a business idea that includes the poor in Africa in the agri-food value chains, multiply this by 52 partnerships and again by 9 African countries: welcome to the 2SCALE Event 2017 which took place on November 7th in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

In a refreshing turn of tables, we had the opportunity to hear directly from farmers, business coaches and SMEs. Using their own words and language they offered their perspectives on their role in the partnerships and shared their day-to-day activities and struggles.

The event also explored how multinational companies can create a win-win situation in these value chains and why these types of programs are important for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reach it goals.

In the afternoon we dove into some of the key topics of these partnerships such as how to market and distribute products and services to the often hard to reach poor and how to make sure women and youth are involved in the process. Throughout the day participants shared their experiences of the event via the live Twitter feed. After a few hours the hashtag #2SCALE2017 was trending in the Netherlands, which shows the level of engagement of the participants of the event.

The event has served as an inspiration for the representatives of governments, NGOs and the private sector to start working together to make agri-food value chains in Africa more inclusive.

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