IBA Advisory Environment 2.0: powered by IBA and SEED

Saskia Rotshuizen
By on September 4, 2017

IBA is continuously working on various projects with its network partners. Most recently, IBA and network partner SEED collaborated on upgrading the advisory environment on IBA.

One of the findings of USAID’s recent report (“More than Money: Mapping the landscape of advisory support for inclusive business“) is that effectiveness of advisory support depends on entrepreneurs finding the right advisor for their needs.


In an effort to increase the value of advisor profiles for both advisors and entrepreneurs looking for business development support, IBA and SEED added the following features to the advisory environment on IBA:

  • Display of IBA advisors’ locations on a world map
  • Display of IBA companies supported by IBA advisors
  • Option to search for advisors by years of experience, sector and expertise


We also upgraded the individual advisor profiles to make them more complete – this includes the following new fields:

  • Display of IBA bootcamps completed by the advisor
  • Display of IBA companies supported by this specific advisor
  • Display of the network partner to which the advisor is associated


IBA is committed to vetting the quality of its advisors – as such, after performing three advisory services, IBA advisors can apply to become certified for their quality. To learn more, please read How can you become a certified advisor. Certified advisors are recognizable by the blue ribbon on their profile pictures.

It is now easier for entrepreneurs to find quality advisors that most fits their needs and that can help catalyze their business to the next level.

Are you interested in being trained as an IBA advisor? Please contact saskia@iba.ventures

Are you interested in becoming an IBA network partner? Please contact rutger@iba.ventures