2SCALE bootcamp: Q&A with organizer Niek van Dijk

Saskia Rotshuizen
By on August 22, 2017

The 2SCALE bootcamp on Inclusive Agribusiness is starting soon! We sat down with bootcamp organizer Niek van Dijk to learn more about the ins and outs of this course.


What is 2scale’s expertise in inclusive agribusiness?

The 2SCALE program has been incubating inclusive agribusiness in 9 different African countries for the past 5 years. The key to doing is not to only look for the knowledge and experience needed to drive inclusive agribusiness in your own organizations. Instead, it is key to set up partnerships around agribusiness SMEs and farmer groups, involving financial institutions, researchers, input suppliers and many others. In this bootcamp we’ll explain how we did this.

How is this bootcamp different from the previous 2scale bootcamp?

In the previous bootcamp, we zoomed into the marketing&distribution work; how 2SCALE has supported local agribusinesses to improve their marketing to BoP consumers and bridge the last mile in reaching them. In this current bootcamp, we’ll take a broader look at 2SCALE and explain how we worked on access to finance and innovation, how we build public-private partnerships, and how we ensure that in the end, value for all actors in the partnership is created.

For whom is this bootcamp? Do participants need to have an inclusive agribusiness in place?

This bootcamp is for everybody that has an interest in inclusive business in agriculture. So participants don’t need to be directly involved in agribusiness themselves, this bootcamp is also meant for example for people studying inclusive business in agriculture or developing policy around the topic.

What type of content and support can participants expect?

Participants will receive a combination of reading materials, interesting & short video content and exercises and assignments to put the learnings into perspective and into practice. All content is developed from experience and methodology from the 2SCALE program. Also, the team from 2SCALE will be available “behind the screens” to offer feedback to the assignments that are completed by participants.

What is an aspect of this bootcamp that you are particularly excited about?

What excites me most is that the materials of the bootcamp are developed by the same people that work on the project on a daily basis. So nothing is “lost in translation” by the involvement of any intermediary people, it is content straight from the field, first hand!

Interested in taking part? Sign-up for free here: https://iba.ventures/building-your-inclusive-agribusiness/