How can you become a certified IBA advisor?

Saskia Rotshuizen
By on January 26, 2017

With an increasing number of advisors being trained by IBA, we wanted to clarify the process of becoming a certified advisor. Are you an advisor, and are you keen to gain more exposure and recognition on the IBA Advisory Marketplace? Here are the steps to become a certified IBA advisor: 

Step 1: Take part in an IBA training

The first step in becoming an IBA certified advisor is to be trained on the use of IBA tools in one of our IBA trainings.

Step 2: Complete at least three assignments with IBA ventures

Congratulations! You are a trained IBA advisor. This means that you now appear as an IBA advisor on our online Advisory Marketplace, and can answer advisory requests. You can also find your own assignments, in which case we encourage you to ask your client to sign up their venture on Please note you will need to complete at least three advisory assignments using IBA tools before being able to move forward in your certification process. The three assignments do not have to be with three different ventures.

Step 3: Submit three reports on the use of IBA Tools

After each assignment, please take some time to fill in the IBA toolkit reporting form, to explain which tools you used and how they served your purpose. Once you have filled three of these forms, please notify so that you can move forward in the certification process.

Step 4: IBA validates your performance with clients

Using your reporting forms as starting points, we reach out to the clients you served and discuss how your assignment went. The purpose of these calls is to ensure quality of your advisors and review the usefulness of our tools. If the calls confirm that our minimum quality standards have been reached, then you will become a certified IBA advisor!

Step 5: Join the pool of IBA certified advisors!

Congratulations! You have now joined the pool of certified IBA advisors. Being a certified IBA advisor means you will get more visibility from potential clients on our advisory marketplace as well as a recognition from IBA for your quality of service. This is also an achievement you can mention with other potential clients.


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