A milestone for IBA: Hiwot Shimeles Asfaw becomes the first certified IBA advisor!

Saskia Rotshuizen
By on January 24, 2017

By delivering three advisory services to companies in Ethiopia where she used the IBA tools, Hiwot Shimeles Asfaw became the first certified IBA advisor. We spoke to Hiwot to learn more about her experiences delivering her work within the 2Scale program

How useful were the IBA tools in your assignments?

The Inclusive Business tools were of great help in delivering all of my assignments, it guided thinking, preparation and delivery of assignments effectively. From my experience, the customer persona tool has been the one which helps participants connect and engage most in the co-building of business models and value proposition, and also the most memorable results participants leave with.

Was your IBA training on the use of the tools, sufficient to apply the tools?

The IBA training on the use of the tools was very useful. Connecting with other advisors and actually role-playing the tools during the training boosted my confidence to undertake any assignment in the future. I would recommend all business advisors to look for opportunities to join an IBA Training of Consultants.

How did the served companies evaluate the work you did using IBA brand and tools?

The evaluation process is well-structured. At the end of each assignment, I ask the companies I serve to provide me feedback, using a designated evaluation form. This form allows clients to grade the content, structure and facilitation process of the workshop. The companies also provided valuable feedback on which of the tools were the most useful for their work. This continuous exchange allows me to improve on my work as an advisor.

How relevant was the process of reporting back to IBA, on how you used the tools?

IBA pointed out to me that online reporting was still pending, which at first felt like a burden. But when I clicked on the link, I found it was very efficient and user friendly. The questions on the use of the tools were very straight forward. It took me only a couple of mins. As I was doing it, I found that it helped me reflect on past assignments and initiated thoughts that could help me improve for coming assignments. I also now see the benefit for my own sales; I expect it will eventually give me more exposure on IBA, as an IBA certified advisor. So companies will know how to find me.


Advisors become IBA certified after delivering three advisory services to companies whilst using the IBA tools, and report back to IBA on these services. IBA then follows up with the client organizations to confirm the quality of the assignments delivered. To learn more, see ‘How can you become a certified advisor?