3 steps to Business Development Success: The Advisory Marketplace

Lys Mehou-loko
By on October 28, 2016

You may have noticed some changes on the Inclusive Business Accelerator platform lately. Taking into account the feedback from our members, and always looking to increase the value we offer, we have phased out the mentorship marketplace and launched the Advisory Marketplace.

From mentorship to Advisory
The Inclusive Business Accelerator mentorship marketplace was a success from the start: entrepreneurs with a registered venture found an expert to mentor them and as a result, have improved their business strategy.

“IBA mentorship is the best thing that can happen to a startup or SME’s at large. I have been in contact with mentors are have been working with me on issues about my enterprise from structuring to business planning to market strategy even funding strategy. The best part of it all is the value addition which is absolutely free. Even consultants that I have paid to help with business planning didn’t give one tenth of the attention i am getting from my mentors. I will recommend IBA mentorship to every entrepreneur, it’s absolutely free and you get world class service” Olusegun Mayunbe, entrepreneur

However, despite a successful run, the mentorship marketplace did not fit the needs of all the entrepreneurs registered on the platform. In the past few months, the platform has undergone fast changes and growth: it now boasts over 250 inclusive businesses making both an impact and a profit, and these businesses require special attention and services in order to grow, scale, and eventually be replicated for large-scale impact.

As the one-stop-shop providing opportunities for Inclusive Business entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors active in Base of the Pyramid markets, we decided to match our trained advisors to entrepreneurs looking for support to grow their business. This is done through the IBA Advisory Marketplace.

The Advisory Marketplace
The Advisory Marketplace allows entrepreneurs and organizations looking for Business Development Services to list their request for support and be matched with our pool of BDS providers. In a recent series in collaboration with the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business, we explored the importance of IBDS, and concluded that although there are a lot of ‘business consultants’ in the field, there is a need for a more professionalized approach to the provision of this specific type of service. The Advisory Marketplace can be considered a step towards this in that its goal is to connect professionally-trained advisors to entrepreneurs looking for a particular skill set.

How it works 


The benefits
Open only to those registered on the platform, the Advisory Marketplace offers

• ease of use, simple application and navigation
• the expertise of professionally-trained advisors
• a tailored matching service with continuous support

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