Why join the Bootcamp on Inclusive Business Model Design?

Saskia Rotshuizen
By on September 15, 2016

We spoke with Endeva Directors Claudia Knobloch and Christina Tewes-Gradl about the upcoming bootcamp on Inclusive Businesss Model Design and Innovation. If you have registered, this should give you more information on what to expect. If not, register today.

What is Endeva’s expertise in designing inclusive business models?
Based on in-depth research into hundreds of inclusive businesses, we distill insights and make them available to practitioners through trainings and workshops, as well as through direct advisory support. For example, we have helped develop the solar kiosk business “Heri” in Madagascar by doing the market research on site, developing the business plan, and then supporting the managing team in developing the company, choosing sites, evaluating impact. Our main sectors of expertise are agribusiness, education, energy, health, and tourism.

Who should participate in this bootcamp?

The bootcamp is designed for entrepreneurs who are currently working on their business idea and are keen to make a real positive impact for low-income communities.

What support can participants expect?

Participants who will hand in all four assignment will receive written feedback on their work from Endeva Director Claudia Knobloch.
Participants can also ask questions in the Forum of the bootcamp, which will be answered by the BoP Inc and Endeva experts.

At the end of the bootcamp, what can participants expect to have accomplished or learned?

After completing the 4 modules, participants will have a complete design of their inclusive business model. They will have defined whose lives they will improve, how and with whom. They will have found creative solutions to the widespread challenges in interacting with the target group, such as lack of infrastructure or limited education. They will have identified who can pay for the service and how. And they will have an idea of how to scale up the impact, whether through expansion or sharing the model with others. These are key pillars of the business strategy. These pillars will guide the further, more operational development of the business plan.

What is an aspect of this bootcamp that you are particularly excited about?
The bootcamp zooms in on what is special about inclusive business. Often, inclusive business development is thought about like any other business development, using standard frameworks. This course acknowledges that inclusive business is not business as usual, that it doesn’t necessarily start from a customer or market opportunity, but from an impact opportunity, and that hence revenues do not have to come only from customers, that the low-income context poses very specific challenges, and that a key motivation for growth is impact. These considerations heavily influence the design of the business model, and the course helps entrepreneurs think through and consider these questions.

The bootcamp is open from September 19 to October 20. Register for the bootcamp!