Five reasons to join the Inclusive Business Accelerator Academy

Lys Mehou-loko
By on August 31, 2016

Since its launch, the Inclusive Business Accelerator Academy has organized 6 online courses, training over 1250 people. Plans are under way to take the offering further and improve the learning experience. If you are not yet familiar with the IB Accelerator Academy, take a look at the key reasons why entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone interested in doing Inclusive Business in the Base of the Pyramid markets should register on the IB Accelerator Academy.

  1. The IB Accelerator Academy is free

The Inclusive Business Accelerator online courses and bootcamps are open to all, for free. Our courses are sponsored, designed, and published by Inclusive Business experts and thought leaders who make sure to develop useful, high-quality, engaging, interactive training courses. The costs are borne by our sponsors and we are always looking for new ones to diversify our offering. Our goal through the online academy is to bring BoP training courses to the widest number of people who need it, regardless of their location.

Muktesh Bhatte, participant in the ‘Inclusive Innovation’ Bootcamp: “It’s very difficult to attend many seminars and workshops in person held by ‘Start-up entrepreneur’ groups in my country. Hence, getting a chance to hear from experts across different continents and share opinions via live chats on an online platform has been a unique experience of IBA Academy.”

2. The IB Accelerator Academy is flexible

Two types of online courses are available on the IBA Academy: online courses and online bootcamps. While online courses are always open for registration and run continuously, online bootcamps are open for a limited time only and are more intensive. In any case, modules remain accessible during the duration of the Bootcamp, and can be taken at the participant’s convenience within the said period.

In addition, live chats give participants the possibility to ask questions and clarify points they may have missed in the course of the lecture or assignments. Once a week, experts are available online to answer questions and provide feedback for a better learning experience.

3. The IB Accelerator Academy is managed by leading experts

Endeva, Siemens, Engineering for Change, MDF Training and Consultancy, the Center for Development Innovation, Food and Business Knowledge Platform, Amsterdam Institute Against Malnutrition, and other industry leaders have partnered with Inclusive Business Accelerator to develop courses and deliver knowledge tailored to Base of Pyramid markets. These experts deliver industry insights, tools and strategies to effectively support entrepreneurs in their Inclusive Business journey.

“The organizers of the bootcamp; Inclusive Business Accelerator and the Siemens Stiftung’s “empowering people. Network” have an impressive track record of supporting entrepreneurs running businesses in emerging markets. I participated in the bootcamp to strengthen OneLamp’s marketing and distribution strategies as we grow our operations and increase our impact in the coming years.” Derrick Hosea, OneLamp

4. The IB Accelerator Academy provides expert tools

Related to the previous point, the Inclusive Business Accelerator Academy brings experts together to provide specific tools on doing business in Base of the Pyramid markets, making it the first online platform specialized in this topic. Courses cover marketing, pitching, innovating, business modeling, introduction to Inclusive Business, and more, with a focus on integrating traditionally excluded groups as  key players in value chains and markets. By focusing on the specific needs of these actors, the Academy aims to build the capacity of entrepreneurs and enable them to tap into the ‘fortune at the base of the pyramid’, and turn their ideas into profitable solutions for sustainable development.

“I enjoyed the online course and found the ‘Pitch canvas’ a very useful tool. I don’t think I would have been able to write the 500-word pitch without it. The videos were clear and useful. I particularly like the ‘Power of 3’ rule), I tried to use it all the time in the written pitch and now I use it when I’m training staff. I also liked the idea of memorizing the first 60 seconds of a presentation to help with nerves.” 

5. The IB Accelerator Academy is also a networking opportunity

For the most active participants, an IBA online course is a powerful networking opportunity, as course takers not only have the occasion to grow their network but also have the possibility to win a one-on-one coaching session with a leading expert. This was the case for Rocio Perez Ochoa who won a session with pitch coach David Beckett:

“The session was very good. David had good feedback on the content but also suggested ways to prepare the presentation itself and then give it. I now also try to change my position on the podium to mark the different parts in the presentation.” Rocio Perez, read the interview here.
Derrick Hosea of OneLamp got to work with Endeva on their business case: “By working on the marketing concept with Endeva, we have been able to design the right field questionnaire to conduct quality market research”. Derrick Hosea, read the interview here.
Muktesh Bhatte worked with Nicolas Chevrollier of BoP Inc for his innovation: “I am very happy that the conversation with BoPInc expert Nicolas Chevrollier has been open-ended. Nicolas has given crucial inputs like the importance of local stakeholders’ networks, how to adapt my approach and what are the weak links in my business model”. Muktesh Bhatte, read the  interview here.

Convinced? Register an IBA account today and join the upcoming courses!

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