First newsletter to IBA Advisors

Benjamin van der Hilst
By on August 8, 2016

In this newsletter, and the ones that follow, we want to let you know what is happening at the IB Accelerator. The network is developing rapidly and we are doing a lot of exciting stuff. (for the links in this post to work, make sure you are signed in).

Launching the Inclusive Innovation toolkit

Earlier this year we’ve launched our second toolkit. The first one, the ‘Inclusive Business Toolkit’ (IB Toolkit), aims to support you in your work with inclusive business ventures. This second toolkit is called the ‘Inclusive Innovation Toolkit’ (II Toolkit), and it is aimed at supporting professionals like yourself in your work with innovative ventures. The toolkit is build around the 4D process of Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver. It incorporates tools like ‘Prototyping’, ‘Market research’, and ‘Scaling’.

Inclusive innovation is an approach that enables businesses to create new or improved products and services while ensuring a positive impact on low-income consumers. This kind of innovation is done in collaboration with low-income stakeholders. It balances financial, social and environmental returns, as the objective is to create positive economic and social impact for entrepreneurs, companies and consumers. Trainings in the inclusive innovation toolkit will be announced online and through the newsletter.

Inclusive Business Toolkit updates

The IB Toolkit has been launched almost a year ago, but we never stopped developing it. We have incorporated feedback from you and based on our own experiences we’ve made some changes to the toolkit. Finished tools are published online and the version number indicates the specific version of the tool. We’ve updated ‘Key activities & Resources‘ and ‘Planning for Impact‘. We also split the ‘Target Group’ tool in two, 1) Sizing the market, 2) Segmenting the market. We hope you like the new and improved tools. If you have any ideas for updates, please share them with us by leaving your feedback in the comments section of each tool, or by sharing your ideas in an email to

Training updates – Uganda

We have trained a group of advisors at our partner BSpace in Uganda. This training was done in collaboration with SEED. Sixteen eager, trained and experienced advisors are now delivering services using the IB Accelerator toolkit. To the Ugandan participants I say: Welcome to the IB Accelerator community!

Group photo IBA training Mozambique

Training updates – Mozambique

A group of advisors in Mozambique were the first to experience the latest training on Inclusive Innovation. They practiced with the tools for three days, and are now able to use these highly innovative tools with their clients. Read more about this training here.

Become certified, report on your service delivery

Training is only the first step towards becoming an IBA certified advisor. The IBA certificate is a quality seal that distinguishes excellent advisors with a specialty and passion for Inclusive Business from just anyone with a laptop that calls himself a consultant. Becoming certified is a way to let us and our partners know that you can deliver quality services to businesses. In order to be certified you need to be trained, and have reported on at least three service deliveries to clients in which you have used the toolkit. We have made it easier to report, you can report straight from the toolkit environment and you no longer need to wait until the venture you supported has been registered on IBA. Report on your service delivery now!

Who will be the first certified advisor on our platform?

We have now trained advisors in Mozambique, Vietnam and Uganda. Some of you have already reported on one or two applications of the toolkit in their work. But we are still waiting for the first certified advisor. We see a true competition between countries and advisors on who will become the first certified advisor. Will it be Bui Thanh Son from Vietnam, or Guustaaf or Claire from Uganda? Or will it be you? You still have a chance, report on at least three service deliveries in which you have used the IBA tools, and we will start the certification process. Report on your service delivery now! The first 3 advisors to become certified will be featured extensively on the platform website!

Announcing the advisory services marketplace

To create more value for you and our ventures, partners and other community members, we will soon be launching the service marketplace. The central idea of this marketplace is that many global partners are frequently looking for quality advisors. Our ventures can also have a difficult time in finding the right advisors for the job. At the same time we want to deliver on our promise to you, and proof that IBA training and certification is a competitive advantage in the increasingly tight opportunity space for advisors. In the coming months our developers are working hard to revamp the mentor page into a space dedicated to match demand and supply for quality IB advisory services. Including new badges for trained and certified advisors. And increased visibility for our top performers.

Academy Page IB Course 1

The IB Accelerator Academy and bootcamps

We recently completed the online bootcamp on Inclusive Innovation. Many ventures, advisors and other IB enthusiasts participated. We have recently launched an introduction bootcamp on Inclusive Business, this bootcamp will be open for participants year round. It is a great way for you, your colleagues and the ventures you support to get more acquainted with Inclusive Business and the IB Accelerator. Find these and other bootcamps on our Academy page.

Share your thoughts!

We plan to keep you updated on these and other developments of the IB Accelerator platform. We are always interested to hear from you. You can share your thoughts online, for instance in the comment section of the IB toolkit. Or you can contact me directly by emailing to