Investing in low-carbon SMEs at the SEED Cleantech Forum

Bertil van Vugt
By on April 18, 2016

The Inclusive Business Accelerator is one of the partners of the upcoming SEED Cleantech Investment Forum Asia. On April 22nd at the Lalit Hotel in Mumbai, SEED will host a full day of discussions surrounding how to encourage investment in green technologies.

With the recent conversations in Paris around the Climate Change Agreement and the adoption of the new Sustainable Development goals, the importance of harnessing the power of entrepreneurship to address the environmental challenges facing us today has never been greater. SMEs will play a vital role in the development of the clean tech industry.

Taking place during the same week as the annual Sankalp social enterprise event, the Forum will be an opportunity for those interested in the environmental side of the of the SME space to both network with peers and take a deep dive into some of the key issues facing this critical space. Bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, intermediaries and policy makers, the event will look to identify key areas of consensus and critical pathways to action in order to make it easier for green enterprises to launch and thrive in the Indian economy.

The afternoon will include presentations from former SEED Low Carbon Award Winners Frontier Markets: Last Mile Distribution for Solar, Last Forest Enterprises, ONergy Solar, Pollinate Energy and Tambul Leaf Plates.

IBA will be facilitating the pitching session: ‘Connecting Low-Carbon Enterprises, their side of the story’, during which five Indian low-carbon enterprises from India will present their businesses to the group. They will talk about what problem they’re hoping to solve, explain their innovative business models, their growth plans and what they need in terms of funding, partnerships and support to achieve their plans. Following each presentation, there will be an opportunity for the room to ask questions, make connections and suggest possible solutions for the challenges facing the entrepreneurs. It will be a chance to take the high-level discussion of the morning down to the concrete and see whether our ideas can provide specific help to those doing the work in their communities.

Please find the full agenda here: SEED Cleantech Investment Forum Asia: How to encourage investment into low carbon and cleantech SMEs in India

To register, please email:
In order to ensure that the event remains discussion-focused and interactive, spaces are limited.