9 SEED winners ready to raise funds at the Pretoria Investor Forum

Mirko Zuerker
By on March 2, 2016

Meet the selected SEED winners who will pitch their enterprises at the Investor Forum on 15-16 March in Pretoria, South Africa

Employing rural low-income groups in the cosmetics products sector; reducing carbon emissions and improving access to infrastructures via quality bikes; offering solar battery kits that improve electricity access and reduce energy expenditure. Such are the accomplishments of the three winners of the SEED awards Botanica, Mozambikes and Electricity4all, respectively from South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi. Three innovative, green, and inclusive enterprises facing the challenge of raising sufficient funds in order to scale up and achieve their full growth potential.

SEED-IBA Deal Ready Programme

SEED and the Inclusive Business Accelerator have launched the Deal Ready Programme to support selected SEED winners in capturing investment and scaling these enterprises which integrate social and environmental benefits into their business models. For the second cohort of the Deal Ready Programme, 9 were selected, winners of the SEED Africa or SEED South Africa awards.

Pretoria Investor Forum

These 9 enterprises received support in launching their fundraising campaigns on the IBA platform and will attend the Investor Forum of the SEED South Africa conference on 15-16 March in Pretoria, South Africa. In this closed-door event, the entrepreneurs will be able to improve their knowledge on how to raise capital and will pitch their enterprises to investors, impact investors and other funding institutions.

To get access to the fundraising information of the ventures listed below you can register as an investor on the IB Accelerator platform via this page after creating a personal account first.


9 SEED winners ready to raise funds at the Pretoria Investor Forum


Sector: Agriculture

Logo for Baobab Products Mozambique

Baobab Products Mozambique (BPM)

BPM provides hundreds of women harvesters with a new source of seasonal income from processing the fruits of the baobab tree. Harvesters are trained in processing techniques and are paid to supply seeds and pulp used to make baobab powder and other products for both national and international markets.View venture profile

Logo for Botanica Natural Products

Botanica Natural Products – South Africa

Botanica has developed a method of extracting beneficial substances from Bulbine frutescens, a traditional medicinal plant, for the cosmetic industry. The plant is cultivated and processed organically in its indigenous location, and its commercial use provides employment opportunities in the marginalised area. View venture profile

Logo for Hortinet

Hortinet – Malawi

Hortinet builds a more inclusive and sustainable agricultural value chain in Malawi: the enterprise supports local, mainly female smallholder farmers and young entrepreneurs. BPM reduces water usage and fuel consumption through gravity-fed irrigation systems; it avoids post-harvest losses and offers local fresh produce to a market that still relies heavily on imports. View venture profile.

Logo for Peacock Seeds

Peacock Seeds – Malawi

Peacock Seeds supports climate change adaptability and food security in Malawi by producing and supplying smallholder farms with drought-tolerant, disease-resistant and yield-improved legume and maize seeds. By supporting farms in crop improvement, they also help generate income security for farmers. View venture profile

Sector: Energy

Logo for Electricity4All

Electricity4all – Malawi

Electricity4all sells and rents solar battery kits through rural kiosks. Each kiosk serves up to 500 customers who can use mobile phones to process payments. The enterprise helps rural entrepreneurs power their businesses, reduce energy expenditures, contribute to forest protection, and eliminate the use of toxic batteries. View venture profile.

Logo for Kumudzi Kuwale

Kumudzi Kuwale – Malawi

Kumudzi Kuwale provides renewable energy solutions to off-grid communities by selling cookstoves, lamps and lanterns, supplying electricity at village charging stations, and installing larger-scale solar energy projects. The enterprise thus contributes to forest protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. View venture profile 

Logo for RECAPO Solar Systems

RECAPO Solar Systems – Malawi

RECAPO Solar Systems is a self-sustaining business that provides affordable solar home systems to households in rural areas. In a country where grid-electricity is limited, RECAPO offers a clean and low-cost solution, enabling residents to extend working and study hours while preventing damage to their health and the environment. View venture profile.

Sector: Transportation

Logo for Mozambikes

Mozambikes Limitada – Mozambique

Mozambikes breaks the poverty cycle in Mozambique by selling locally-built, custom-designed bikes at low prices. The enterprise enlists the private and public sectors to buy and distribute branded bikes in remote communities for various marketing initiatives. The bikes then act as ‘moving billboards’, while women train to ride and maintain them. View venture profile.

Sector: Waste Management

Logo for People of the Sun

People of the Sun – Malawi

People of the Sun is a green, inclusive handicraft-trading enterprise that trains and supports marginalised artisans to craft unique homeware products made from recycled materials. Working with artisan groups and aiming to increase social benefits along the value chain, the enterprise connects them to national and international markets. View venture profile.

*The ventures are sorted in alphabetical order per sector. 

Further Details

The above enterprises are winners of the SEED Africa or SEED South Africa Awards supported by the Government of Flanders. 

If you want to learn more about the ventures or would like to attend the Investor Forum in South Africa, please contact invest@seed.uno.

To get access to the fundraising information of the 9 ventures listed below you can also register as an investor after creating a personal account first.