Call for entrepreneurs: 200 investors await your pitch

Niek van Dijk
By on February 19, 2016

PYMWYMIC, the ‘Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community’, is inviting entrepreneurs to present to a group of over 200 investors at its yearly Pymwymic Impact Days taking place this April.

In 2015, Pymwymic companies received a total of € 5.8 million in funding. If you are interested in presenting to these committed impact investors, apply here by March 1.

-Impact at the core of business model
-Growth-stage companies with a scalable model
-Seeking € 250K to € 2M
-Values Alignment with Pymwymic

All sectors are welcome, with the following themes being of particular interest for the 2016 Impact Days:
-Tech for a Healthy Earth
-Women-Led Impact at Scale – (women with global goals)
-Refugee Response Companies operating in Europe.

Pymwymic is aware these are seed-stage. But if you have a plan for a sustainable business model, please apply here by March 1.