The IB Academy: Towards a new generation of business leaders

Nicolas Chevrollier
By on September 10, 2015

I sat down one morning at our office with Paulus Verschuren, a former director at Unilever and the chair of BoPInc inspiration council, discussing scaling strategies for social and inclusive businesses. I asked Paulus over the years what the main challeng-es for companies to reach scale have been. After a short silence, Paulus looked at me and said only one word: “People”.

Having the people with the right skill and expertise set is probably the key factor that enables companies to scale. A set that includes understanding with empathy how underprivileged communities live, that includes having a hybrid acumen for business and social objectives, that includes the agility to cope with a complex and often sub-optimal business environment. This is what the 125 entrepreneurs on continuously practice in their inclusive business quest!

This is why we are launching the Inclusive Business (IB) Academy: the first expertise center for doing business with the poor. Focusing on entrepreneurs or business professionals in corporates, the IB Academy aims at being the one stop shop for expertise building on inclusive business.

mushroom blue team

The Mushroom Blue team in Kenya.

The IB Academy features courses on key IB topics like “marketing and distribution”, “Pitching to impact investors”, “Manufacturing at the BoP” or “Managing inclusive innovation”. It offers a full offering for any professional that would like to or already operate in low-income markets. We develop these courses with institutions that combined a wealth of experience in low-income markets like Endeva or the Dlab at MIT.

To reach both scale and depth, we offer a blended online/offline approach to companies, and our ongoing and past online bootcamps are displayed online. Like our upcoming bootcamp on improving your sales strategy through data, supported by the Siemens Stiftung on dealing with the essential on business modelling and market research or our past one on marketing and distribution.

The IB Academy is a unique place to develop your skills needed to reach low-income markets. Join the IB Academy and become part of the next generation of business leaders!

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