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Nicolas Chevrollier
By on August 31, 2015

Power Joule Limited is a renewable energy company committed to create access to clean and affordable energy products to the Kenyan market. They manufacture high quality briquettes and agri-waste pellets. The company has an operational briquette facility in Nairobi, Kenya, and is looking to launch another pellet manufacturing facility in Nakuru.

When companies like Power Joule Limited develop their operations, they are in need of quickly visualizing their business model and turn it into a business plan towards investors. In order to do so, they need a set of information combined with an efficient methodology.

Module 1: Business Model Generation
This is what Module 1 “Business Model Generation” of our upcoming bootcamp, an initiative of IB Accelerator and the “empowering people. Network” of the Siemens Stiftung, is all about. To visualize a business model you need to describe your customer, the value you bring, how you bring it, how you create revenue and the activities, resources and partners you need to operate. And while doing so understand what set of information is needed.

To articulate well what a company is doing, two vital elements are the customers the company serves and the value it brings. In module 1, thanks to the IB Accelerator value proposition tool, companies are able to providing a clear description of these elements.

Like Super Bebe, a pioneering brand of micro-nutrient powder launched by Population Services International (PSI) in Mozambique which value proposition is:

For subsistence mothers with babies in Mozambique, who want their babies to become strong and healthy, Superbebe is a powder made of vitamins and minerals designed for easy mixing into a baby’s morning porridge, so it will make your babies stronger for life. Superbebe, stronger every day!

By being able to create a compelling description of their business model based on the appropriate set of information, companies in Base of the Pyramid markets are able to articulate more robust operational developments and become more convincing towards potential investors.
Join us on September 15th for our first module on “Business Model Generation”! The content of the bootcamp has been created by Endeva and by the BoP Innovation Center, the latter is one of the founding partners in the Inclusive Business Accelerator consortium. Both organizations have an impressive track record on supporting entrepreneurs in low-income countries.
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