Trace Verified selected as implementation partner ISAP Vietnam

Tran Huong Giang
By on July 29, 2015

Trace Verified, a Vietnamese venture supported by the Inclusive Business Accelerator, has been selected to be one of the implementation partners in the newly launched Vietnam Integrated Sustainable Agriculture Programme (ISAP Vietnam).

Trace Verified
Trace Verified is applying electronic traceability for agricultural and aqua-cultural products in domestic and international markets. It aims at helping food exporters meet traceability requirements issued by the EU, US, Canada, Japan and monitor and control the rapid follow of information in the production chain.

Further, domestic consumers benefit from the transparency of information from farm to folk. Trace Verified also helps the authorities to manage the quality of the goods on the market in a quick and convenient manner. This is one of Trace-verified effort to expand their network and enhance the commercialization of E-Trace software.

An agreement was signed on 24 July to officially launch the Vietnam Integrated Sustainable Agriculture Programme in Vietnam (ISAP Vietnam) on 24 July. ISAP Vietnam is a joint programme conducted by VCCI, the United Nations Global Compact and the International Trade Center in the 2015 – 2018 period.

The programme aims to contribute to enhance Vietnamese agricultural product quality, thus raising the competitiveness of the country’s agriculture sector; to encourage and support small-scale farmers and SMEs to apply sustainable farming practices and develop their own marketing channels through the use of information technology.

Sustainable production
The objective of the programme is to make global food and agriculture systems more sustainable and enable more farmers and agribusinesses to ‘think’ and ‘act’ sustainably. Farmers and businesses are able to join the global network by acquiring a ‘blue number’ and become part of a global registry for sustainable production. The unique ‘blue numbers’ for all farmers and agribusinesses build the map for food system which encourage more farmers and businesses expand their production.