Replicating Inclusive Business: Meet and Multiply!

Nicolas Chevrollier
By on June 8, 2015

The past decade has seen a wealth of innovation around “inclusive business”. However, the impact achieved through inclusive business still lags behind expectations. To achieve change at a broad scale, there is a need to replicate those inclusive business models that work.

Take eKutir in India. Through its enterprise-based model, eKutir converts an exploitative and fragmented agricultural system into a collaborative and connected distribution model. eKutir works through a decentralized network of micro-entrepreneurs, who engage with the farmers and rural communities. This generates rural employment, sustainable income, and increased productivity. eKutir is a for-profit, mission driven enterprise that is designed as a one-stop-shop solution to extend agricultural services to the last mile. They work with over 100 micro-entrepreneurs that are the direct link to the smallholder farmers. How to replicate eKutir worldwide?

Companies replicate in two ways:

1. Scaling: Businesses replicate by scaling their model on their own, i.e. by creating branches, franchises or joint ventures. These companies work with various expansion partners that we call adopters to grow their business in new geographic regions. They can also optimize their current business to make it better. Most businesses at the BoP are following a scaling up strategy for growing both impact and financial results.

Scaling strategy Same geography New geography
Same product or service Scaling deep / market penetration Scaling up / market development
New product or service Scaling out / product development Scaling across / diversification


2. Dissemination: More mission-driven companies also extend the reach of their model by disseminating it. They open their business model to potential “adopters” so they can more easily understand and copy their model. These adopters set up new businesses that will adapt parts or all of an inclusive business models in new geographic areas

At the BASE III FORUM, with our partners ENDEVA and SNV, we organize “Meet and Multiply”, an exclusive session that offers an action-oriented and highly targeted approach to matchmaking. It focuses on dissemination of successful inclusive business models. It brings together originators from Latin America and beyond. These are inclusive businesses with successful and replicable models. At the event these originators will meet potential replication partners from Mexico in particular as well as other LAC countries. We will spur replication by helping originator companies meet pre-screened potential adopters, that is other companies that they could collaborate with in order to replicate their business model.

Come to Mexico on June 29th and register at for a chance to replicate inclusive business!