Mozambican SMEs trained on cash-flow management

Návia Matsinhe
By on April 8, 2015

SNV Mozambique, who are part of the Inclusive Business Accelerator via the LINK facility, successfully organised a training on cash-flow management to local inclusive businesses.

SMEs are the biggest employment creators in emerging economies, although they are often struggling to deliver quality services and products. Business managers need several skills to be able to survive the daily challenges and grow in a medium to long term. Indeed, support is needed to be provided to entrepreneurs operating both out of opportunity as well as out of necessity.

In this sense, SNV, in partnership with the Institute for Promotion of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (IPEME) – both institutions committed to SMEs development – have identified the need of SME training in cash-flow management. A two-day training was carried out with the main objective of enabling entrepreneurs to understand the cash flow management by reinforcing the importance of operating cash cycle, measuring cash flow, improving receivables, managing payables and surviving shortfalls. It equipped them with tools and technics to keep track of the money coming in and out of the business.

The training had the participation of ten business managers in the agro-processing sector, consulting, catering and others and was conducted by a specialised consultant.