Online bootcamp: The last mile challenge as a first opportunity

Nicolas Chevrollier
By on March 31, 2015

30.000, 3000, 60. What do these numbers mean? FanMilk offers unique frozen dairy products, juice and juice drinks to a total population of more than 200 million people in seven West African countries through its sales forces of 30.000 street vendors. Hapinoy stores in the Philippines strengthens a network of 3000 small neighbourhood convenience stores to sell medicines or solar solutions to low-income groups. Nazava has managed to sell throughout the islands of Indonesia water filters thanks to 60 dedicated resellers.

What FanMilK, Happinoy and Nazava have in common is that they have understood marketing and distribution at the BoP. They turned a last mile challenge into a first opportunity.

To allow others to benefit from these insights, 178 participants have joined the IB Accelerator Online bootcamp on marketing and distribution. Coming from 30 different countries, over 4 weeks, they are receiving the latest insights from seasoned IB experts like Iulian Circo, Co-Founder Movercado / Triggerise or Emile Schimtz from the BoP Innovation Center.

Working on their value proposition (what do you sell to your customers), their marketing activities using the ATEAR model developed by the BoP Innovation Center or choosing a distribution strategy, participants are able to discuss with their peers and submit assignments to ensure learning and receive an expert badge on

The bootcamp on marketing and distribution is part of the global expertise development of the Inclusive Business Accelerator and is also provided on demand. Reach out to us for more information on upcoming IB Accelerator bootcamps at