IBA facility LINK announces partnerships in Mozambique

Rik Overmars
By on November 27, 2014

LINK has signed consulting firm BPartner and local business association ACIS (picture above) as strategic partners to catalyse, support and scale cross-sector partnerships and inclusive business in Mozambique.

LINK logo IBAOn two separate occasions in November, SNV Country Director, Rik Overmars, signed MOU agreements on behalf of Mozambique’s IBA facility, LINK with ACIS President, Carlos Henriques, and BPartner Director Rui Brandao. Both local organizations have agreed to support the growth and operations of LINK, a new SNV-incubated facility created to systematically catalyse, support and scale cross-sector partnerships and inclusive businesses in order to leverage the skills, reach and resources of business in Mozambique to achieve development outcomes and business objectives.

The long-term vision of the MOU’s state, ACIS, BPartner and SNV have a common interest in forming a strategic partnership to develop the operations and service offerings of the LINK facility during a two year incubation period (ending June 2016) with the intention of ACIS and BPartner then assuming ownership and management responsibility of its staff and facility under a new structure. Critical for the success of LINK is for it to become part of local organizations like ACIS and BPartner who are connected to the needs of the business community and who will be able to orchestrate the delivery of both partnership and inclusive business services that companies (and government and civil society) desire.

Officially launched on November 13th at the Polana Hotel, LINK is in its start-up phase preparing the facility’s resources and service offerings after a year of research and workshops understanding the needs and challenges of implementing cross-sector partnerships/inclusive business models between business, NGO’s, government and donors in Mozambique. Based on this information, LINK will strive to:
• Advocate for and contribute to a sustainable and inclusive economy that promotes a partnership-conducive culture;
• Initiate & catalyze inclusive business models and cross-sector partnerships;
• Incubate and support social enterprises and partnership development.

LINK’s design is a blended-model approach combining the expertise and resource of leading global entities from the inclusive business and cross-sector partnership fields. Although designed to be a sustainable social enterprise, LINK has been launched with the support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) project implemented by BOPInc and SNV (also in Vietnam and Uganda). Another global organization specializing in partnerships for development, The Partnering Initiative (TPI), will increase its technical assistance through its Business Partnerships in Development Facility (also in Columbia and Zambia) in 2015 with additional seed investments from other donors.

ACIS is an a-political, autonomous, private, not-for-profit association which was founded in 2000 with the aim of contributing to the promotion and development of industry and trade through the strengthening and sustainability of local business, as well as contributing to the development in Mozambique of an economy based on private sector participation.

Link partners with BPartner

On the picture from left to right: Javier Ayala (SNV), Rui Brandão (BPartner) and Rik Overmarks (SNV).

BPartner – Business Services is a company designed to provide work spaces for rent and support services for companies. BPartner’s mission involves the promotion of Mozambique’s business activity and entrepreneurial world in the international scenario, as well as manage in a professional and integrated manner the projects and expectations of Clients and Partners.