Developing inclusive and green business models in Mozambique

Bertil van Vugt
By on November 5, 2014

A symposium dedicated to the theme of ‘Building an ecosystem aimed to develop inclusive and green business models in Mozambique’, will take place on 6 November in Maputo, organised by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and the United Nations SEED Initiative. On this day the LINK initiative, part of the Inclusive Business Accelerator, will also be launched.

The aim of the symposium is to share knowledge and experiences related to the development of models of inclusive and environmental affairs. During the day partnerships and develop solutions will be explored that encourage the growth of social and environmental entrepreneurship, increase the level of public-private partnerships, civil society and supporting institutions.


The symposium aims to bring together about 80 participants from government, private sector and civil society and will encompass a networking session where attendees will have the opportunity to exchange views and establish probable partnerships.

The UN SEED Initiative is a global partnership that focuses on sustainable development and promoting a green economy. Founded in 2002, the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg by the United Nations Environment Program, the UN Development and the International Union for Conservation of Nature. SEED offers support to local SMEs to integrate social and environmental benefits in their business model.

This symposium is organised in partnership with SNV, which is implementing the Mechanism for Promoting Inclusive Business and Partnerships (LINK), and whose mission is to catalyse a systematic way, support and expand cross-disciplinary partnerships and inclusive business in order to leverage the skills of the actors. The LINK initiative is part of the network of Inclusive Business Accelerator offices.