Report: Access to Food and Nutrition at the BoP

Nicolas Chevrollier
By on September 2, 2014

BoP Innovation Center & Global Alliance on Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

This report serves as a starting point for the business interventions developed in the 2SCALE program.

Improving food and nutrition security through better availability,accessibility, and utilization of food and food products is a complex challenge. After all, it involves a sector where key activities (such as the production, distribution and consumption of food and the identification of food markets) are largely in the hands of private enterprises. Involved as consumer, producer or entrepreneur, for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) population, interventions by the privatesector in the food value chain can increase the income of the actors in the chain, increase the availability of food products, make food products more affordable, or increase the – nutritious – quality of food. Interventions will ultimately contribute to improving the availability of and access to nutritious food and food products.

In this study, based on the analysis of 16 cases and expert interviews, five different business interventions for BoP ventures were identified that achieve social impact, financial sustainability and, potentially, scale:
– Interventions focusing on smallholders: as customers of goods and services or as main suppliers to private-sector buyers (BI 1 and BI 2);
– Interventions focusing on BoP intermediaries between (smallholder) producers and consumers (BI 3);
– Interventions focusing on reaching BoP consumers with healthy and nutritious food and food products (in terms of both availability and quality) (BI 4 and BI 5).

Download the report here and share your comments and ideas viaTwitter, using #2SCALE. For more information contact Nicolas Chevrollier from the BoP Innovation Center. The research on which this report is based had been supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.